Tips for Sellers when selling home

It is an important and hard decision for any person to sell his/her house, which may be difficult both emotionally and financially. But the matter seems to be an easier job, when the seller contacts a competent real estate agent, to find the best deals for his property. But there are several important matters to be taken care of, before proceeding for selling the house, so that the selling process can be absolute successful.

Get in touch with the best realtor of the area
Only an experienced and honest realtor can help a person with the sincere advices regarding the sale of his home. But one should take some time to choose the best realtor, by speaking to several real estate agents of his locality and comparing among them. If the realtor who helped to buy the existing home was really efficient, it will be better to carry on with him only; else the friends or local acquaintances can be asked for references of a good realtor. But it is necessary to have a comfort level with the chosen realtor and he should have the best interests of his client at heart, instead of only his own profits.

When is the best time to sell home?
Firstly, it is better to check the current real estate market, regarding which the hired realtor can help his client. It is best to sell the home, when there are lots of interested home buyers, compared to the numbers of houses for sale, for the chances of getting best price of the home. The house should be sold very fast, if it is offered best selling price by the potential customer; else any other seller may snatch the opportunity or even the market scenario may change to become unfavorable for the seller. But the real estate sales are very less in winter, while it jumps back to life in spring season. If the seller needs to buy another house, before selling the current home; the purchase price and the time to buy the new home should match with the selling price and the sales closing date of his existing home. How to manage the financial matters of the home before selling
If the property is mortgaged, then the seller of the home may pay off the rest of the mortgage amount, from the money obtained from selling the home. If the seller of the home wants to carry the portable mortgage of his property to the house he bought next; the interest rate should be lower than the current market value. The people who sell their main residential houses, do not have to pay any Capital gains tax for the increased value of those properties. If anyone buys the new home before selling the existing one, he may speak with his lender bank to lend him the down payment for his new house, which he can repay once his existing home is sold.

December 20, 2016