Remax Real Estate Agent Kitchener


… to always be responsive.

You can contact me by telephone, email, message, site visit or Facebook. Generally, I react immediately.

…to be accessible when it’s helpful for you.

I don’t swindle myself into believing that land occurs from 9-5 on weekdays. Your calendar is my timetable; your accessibility is my accessibility. It’s not extraordinary for work-life adjust, but rather i believe it’s what you merit from a specialist.

… to treat you like a man, not a lead.

I guarantee I’ll regard your inbox and won’t send you interminable canned messages and formulas for pumpkin pie. I won’t chilly ring you or show at your entryway uninvited. What’s more, I guarantee we won’t stalk you.

… .no B.S.

I don’t care for B.S.- ers and cheats either. I guarantee to be completely forthright with you, regardless of the possibility that it’s not what you need to listen.

… .no refrigerator magnets.

I realize that you think most land operators are terrible at showcasing, and unfortunately, I suspect as much as well. I guarantee to dependably work with expert fashioners and not think I can do it without anyone’s help. I guarantee not utilize the Comic Sans textual style. I guarantee never to give you an ice chest magnet with a photo of myself on it.

… .no broken guarantees.

I won’t hold you prisoner to a bit of paper. In the event that there’s ever an issue while you’re working with us, I’ll do all that we can to settle it. On the off chance that we can’t, then we’ll discharge you from your agreement. We don’t think you ought to be will undoubtedly work with somebody on the off chance that you feel they’ve broken their guarantees.

On the off chance that you aren’t upbeat, then nor am I. It’s that basic.